1967 Buick Riviera

It’s obvious that the Riviera has had a long and colorful life including some kind of crash: the left fender and door come from different donors, the right fender is partly made of body filler. Rusted areas have been patched “the American way” – using roofing sheet, rivets, screws, glue, paper and insulation foam, covered with a thick layer of anti-rust treatment. When the excess layers get removed, the body goes to sandblast and then the amount of bodywork comes clear. The car’s electrical wiring is interesting thanks to the various electricians who have worked on it over the years. But it’s not so bad and so far all the projects here have become cars. 1967 Riviera is definitely worth it .

Body after sandblast – quite as expected

primed, waiting for bodywork

Bodywork begins. Rocker panels are full of wool and nutshells (nothing unusual 😉 ) – we’ll have to cut a bit more to get it all out.



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28. Nov 2020